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About Paperback

Paperback is a clean and simple way to read Pinboard articles later. It uses the Pinboard API to sync saved posts marked "to read" and formats them without ads, ugly fonts, or any of that cruft. It's a fully responsive web app with a great experience on both desktop and mobile. If you're not familiar with it, Pinboard is a bookmarking service that lets you save URLs, tag them, and if you've upgraded, archive them so you have a permanent, offline store of every link you've saved.

Since I see Paperback as an extension of the great work that Maciej has been doing with Pinboard, it shares many of the same values:

Paperback costs $15. It's a paid service which allows me to make it a sustainable service.

How Paperback is Different

There's a lot of "read later" services out there. Some are quite good. I've become interested in controlling the digital things I do and create. The stuff I read online is really important to me and I wanted it to live in a place that was private and secure, and allowed me to easily retrieve my information. Pinboard is that service but I wanted a great reading experience along with it.

So think of Paperback as an independent read-later client on the powerful Pinboard "engine."

What you can do with Paperback

  1. Read things
  2. Archive things back into Paperback (with tags or other metadata, if you'd like)
  3. Delete things

Switching to Paperback

It's easy to switch to Paperback because Pinboard has importing from Instapaper, Readability, or Pocket built in. Just go to Pinboard Settings, enter that services information and select "Auto-add bookmarks from this" and mark them as unread.

Please contact support with any questions or read more in the help pages.