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Think of Paperback like any other Pinboard client or app. It interacts with the Pinboard to make your life a little easier. Paperback focuses on helping you read the articles you have stored in Pinboard. Paperback doesn't archive articles onto it's own servers, it just reads and writes information back to Pinboard when you do something like tag, add notes, or mark an article as 'read'.

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The web is a noisy place. A lot of people use Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit to keep up with interesting links and articles across the web. Quit that. Pinboard's Popular list has a great list of articles saved by fellow anti-social Pinboard users. I've been using an alpha version of this feature for a couple years before introducing it into Paperback and I've often seen links in Popular before they've hit my Slack channels or conversations. It's a calm, collected way of staying in the loop without the mess.

You can also use added settings to filter the list of Popular articles. Want to see only 10 articles? Great. Don't ever want to see a link about "ios" ever again? Me too. Or if you're over "", filter away.

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Some Nice Extras

A few slick features to smooth out your reading experience: