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### Paperback Terms of Service ### Paperback is a service run by me, [Nick Wynja]( I want you to love it and make using it a part of your daily routine. It's a paid service which helps me maintain it. Here are some guidelines about the use of Paperback: * Paperback is a subscription service which uses [Stripe](, a secure payment system. Your subscription will be automatically renewed using the same credit card a year from when you started using Paperback. If you'd like to cancel your subscription, you can do so by deleting your account in Settings. [Contact me][support] if you'd like to update your credit card information. * Paperback doesn't display ads. It's possible but unlikely that an ad gets through the parser and you'll see it in an article page. If you do, please [let me know][support] * Your articles are private. Only you can see your articles on Paperback but remember that if something is public on Pinboard, that's different. * Your info is private. I do send you're email address to [Stripe](http://stripe) so they can email you a receipt. (Here are their [terms of service]( * This is a service I use and love. I want it to exist for a while but if for whatever reason I can no longer maintain it, I'll let you know with as much time as I can. #### Dos #### * Do feel safe about using Paperback. Everything is over HTTPS and the servers are secured using standard, proven methods. I can't guarantee I won't get hacked, but I promise that if something bad happens, I'll give you a full explanation why. * Do feel free to cancel your account at any time by doing so in your Settings. No hard feelings. * Do love Paperback and use it as much as possible #### Don'ts #### * Don't store illegal content. You're responsible for that—not me—so don't be dumb about it * Don't sync articles that contains code which could be malicious to Paperback's systems or any other services * Don't use scripts or services that ping Paperback too often *** If you have any questions about Paperback or its terms, please [contact][support] me. —Nick [wp]: [support]: