Connect with Pinboard

Like a good book.

A simple and beautiful way to read Pinboard articles later.

Nicely Set

It's all about the words. Paperback is a focused and simple reading experience. Enjoy the beautiful Roboto Slab, the sleekness of the Merriweather superfamily and the reinvented classic Courier new.

Powerful Too

Just because it's pretty, doesn't mean it isn't a work horse. Once you're done reading an article, Paperback helps you archive it into Pinboard without friction so you quickly can get back to reading.

Tag and Archive

Love metadata? Tag and Archive makes it easy to add notes and tags to your article and then archive it. You get great metadata in a great flow.

Screenshot of article listing page

Position Sync

Not only is your reading list synced with Pinboard but your exact progress and position gets saved so you'll always start back where you left off, even across browsers and devices.

Read with your fingers

Keyboard shortcuts make it easy to get around so you can spend more time with your words. Navigate your reading list, archive, delete, open URLs, and more. Hit ? to see all shortcuts.


So it looks beautiful everywhere. Enjoy reading on a site that goes where you go.

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